Holiday Nutrition Tips

Holiday Nutrition Tips The holiday season is a festive time.  You’ve also had a challenging year and you’d like to kick back. So you should! But you’ve also improved your health and fitness during the year, so you should keep at least one foot on the wagon because if you do come off it entirely, … Continue reading Holiday Nutrition Tips

The ‘Healthy Treat’ Trap

Processed and grain-based carbohydrates (CHO), that’s what we need to eliminate or at the very least reduce to minimal intake if we are to beat diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other metabolic disorders. Big Food—the organisations behind mass produced ‘food’—are doing their level best to stop that, though. They only have to label sugar on a … Continue reading The ‘Healthy Treat’ Trap

Date Balls

These are easy to make and one base batch can be added to making different variations. Basic Recipe Fresh dates ( no stones) blended with a little water and dedicated coconut. Roll into balls and mix in coconut. Variations: Grated apple and grated ginger - dried ginger also works Roll the balls in Cacoa powder … Continue reading Date Balls