Herbed Hake

Ingredients: 350 grams +- Hake 1 tablespoon dried rosemary 1 tablespoon dried parsely 2-3 tablespoons lemon juice 1 Tablespoon garlic powder 1/2 tablespoon dried thyme Fresh basil, chopped Fresh Corriander, chopped Method: Add all of the above ( excluding the hake) to a bowl and mix. Place the Hake whole, or in chunks into the … Continue reading Herbed Hake

Shakshouka – Happy & Healthy 2018 from The Kitchnbox team

Simple poached eggs by simmering in bubbly-hot tomato sauce. This is totally delicious and a family favourite. Heat large saucepan on medium heat. Melt Ghee, butter or oil of your choice, then add onions and garlic and cook until soft. Add chopped tomatoes, or a tin of tomato,  Worcestershire sauce, paprika, salt. Stir untill everything … Continue reading Shakshouka – Happy & Healthy 2018 from The Kitchnbox team

Green Bean side dish

Hi guys, This dish can be made as a side or taken for lunch as left overs. Heat a pan with some ghee, or oil of your choice. Gently fry sliced onions, Red pepper, garlic ( optional corriander). When these are soft add the green beans and fry for a couple of minutes. Decant the … Continue reading Green Bean side dish