Cooling Down After Training

There are several components to an effective workout; a general warm-up, workout brief (if you are in a coached session), a more specific warm-up, the working components of the session, and the cool-down. All components are essential. However, most attention is often placed on the former parts of the session. In many instances, only one … Continue reading Cooling Down After Training

All About Intermittent Fasting

The way topics and trends come and go in the health and wellness space is no surprise. They always seem to come around too, like spaces and classes that are akin to discotheques. Some trends are more welcoming, though, because they’re valuable. Like intermittent fasting. For decades, many nations and cultures have partaken in some … Continue reading All About Intermittent Fasting


Breathing is largely controlled by the autonomic division of the nervous system (ANS). The ANS acts subconsciously to control bodily functions such as heart rate, breathing and digestion. Although changes in your breathing happen subconsciously, we are able to consciously affect respiration. It's a skill essential to life and performance in the gym, and better … Continue reading BREATHE

Open Sandwich

HI This isn't so much a recipe as an idea, we all get caught up and busy and sometimes a sandwich is the easiest go to. You can make this as a closed sandwich for takeaway. Heba bread - i buy the mix from Banting Boulevard. Any topping of your choice. Ingredients: Heba Bread mix … Continue reading Open Sandwich