Thai Style takeaway Salad

Ingredients: Chicken Strips, or left over Roast chicken/ Beef Baby Spinach Cabbage Carrots ( or a coleslaw mix) Parsley Bell Pepper Chili Onion Bean Sprouts Pineapple Soy Sauce or a spicy home made tomato sauce Method: For this one I Marinaded the chicken Strips in Olive oil and lemon Zest for a few hours and … Continue reading Thai Style takeaway Salad


These are also really easy to make, especially when you can't think of anything to make for lunch. Ingredients eggs, whisked Onion Baby marrow Peppers Tuna Roasted butternut Fry the onion, baby marrow, peppers, and roasted butternut cubes in Ghee. Place cooked mixture in an oven proof dish, add tuna ( optional) top with whisked … Continue reading Fritatta

Smoothie Bowl

  Hey, I surprised myself with this one, inspired ( AKA i can probably make a clean, better version) by a well known coffee shop. Super simple. In a blender add the following: Fresh mango Banana Coconut Milk Cinnamon Blitz and top with mixed seeds. You could add of your favourite seasonal fruit to this … Continue reading Smoothie Bowl