It’s Not About the Numbers

Science is based on numbers, and nutrition is a science. Any meaningful science must be measurable, observable and repeatable, and that’s why using numbers when dialling in your nutrition can be so helpful. However, it’s not about the numbers. I know, that’s a blatant contradiction. Especially given the attention we’ve provided to macronutrients and how … Continue reading It’s Not About the Numbers

Strategies to Beat the Weekend Binge

During the week, you care for your nutrition like a boss. Your fridge and pantry are stocked with good food choices and because you lead a busy life you have food prepared. You eat when you’re hungry and might even be keeping an eye on portion sizes. You’re motivated to care about your health and … Continue reading Strategies to Beat the Weekend Binge

Holiday Nutrition Tips

Holiday Nutrition Tips The holiday season is a festive time.  You’ve also had a challenging year and you’d like to kick back. So you should! But you’ve also improved your health and fitness during the year, so you should keep at least one foot on the wagon because if you do come off it entirely, … Continue reading Holiday Nutrition Tips