Fish Pie

This simple fish pie can be 'bulked' out with veggies, but also a good place to hide veggies in the mash if you have a fussy family. Ingredients: Butter Flour Coconut milk Salt and Pepper Mustard Paprika Lemon Juice Fish Mash topping For the White Sauce: Melt a knob of butter and add Coconut or … Continue reading Fish Pie

Date Balls

These are easy to make and one base batch can be added to making different variations. Basic Recipe Fresh dates ( no stones) blended with a little water and dedicated coconut. Roll into balls and mix in coconut. Variations: Grated apple and grated ginger - dried ginger also works Roll the balls in Cacoa powder … Continue reading Date Balls


Ingredients Sweet Potato Courgette /baby marrow Onion S & P Ghee or coconut oil to fry Peel and grate the sweet potatoes ( i use the white potatoes) Grate or finely chop the onion Grate baby marrow. Mix all of the grated ingredients together with some salt, if the mixture feels too wet you can … Continue reading Rosti