Freezing Fruit

Save money and eat better quality food. It's simple. Freeze Seasonal fruit, that's often on "special" and you can enjoy your favourite fruits all year and save on waste. Freeze fruit on a tray and then bag it when frozen, it prevents the fruit from sticking together. Grapes and Blueberries are ok to freeze straight … Continue reading Freezing Fruit

Another Stir Fry with a twist

Bored of roasts? try this one. Ingredients: Chicken strips Red Chilli Brocolli Parsely or Basil Coconut milk Nut butter Onion Garlic In a wok or pan fry Garlic,chilli and an onion with some fat. Add the chicken strips and flash fry. I cook this in the wok and add everything at the same time. I … Continue reading Another Stir Fry with a twist