Flourless Protein Muffins

Bananas are packed with potassium and digestible (good-for-you) carbs and  give your body fuel. Bananas are great for baking, they add moisture, act as a binder, they are packed with flavour and there is no need for additional sugar. These muffins have simple ingredients and are easy to make.   Ingredients: 3 bananas 2 eggs … Continue reading Flourless Protein Muffins

Recipe: Healthy Grilled Cheese

Everyone loves a delicious grilled cheese. And if we eliminate the unhealthy processed yellow cheese and replace it with a healthier, lower calorie cheese like feta then it becomes a quick and easy lunch or dinner that tastes amazing and the entire family will love. It’s super creamy and thanks to the health benefits of avocado it's jam … Continue reading Recipe: Healthy Grilled Cheese

Recipe: Healthy Cottage Pie

You can still enjoy a delicious cottage pie while trying to cut down on starchy, high-glycemic carbs. All you have to do is swap out the potatoes with a low-glycemic carb like Cauliflower that won't spike your blood sugar! Cauliflower is like the classic nerd-that-turns-popular! We never really gave it much thought, but now it is everywhere! Cauliflower pizza … Continue reading Recipe: Healthy Cottage Pie