Are Activity Trackers Beneficial?

Wrist-worn activity trackers from the likes of FitBit, Polar, Garmin and Apple have not only become vastly popular, they have turned into exceptionally capable devices. Tracking steps is no longer sufficient and features such as heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and caloric expenditure are considered standard. What makes these features beneficial, though? Personal Accountability Accountability … Continue reading Are Activity Trackers Beneficial?

Winter Weight Loss

Winter Weight Loss I was recently sent an article in which the author talked about different strategies for losing weight in winter versus summer. Naturally, the author began with the catch phrase “A summer body starts in winter.” Now I don’t believe that life has seasons—we should be staying fit and healthy all the time … Continue reading Winter Weight Loss

Five Reasons to do the Lifestyle Challenge

The first Lifestyle Challenge kicks off next week. Aside from wanting to get closer to those new year's goals and further away from your December holiday body, here are five more reasons you should sign up for the challenge. Develop healthy eating habits The challenge has three nutrition levels with slightly different YES/NO foods. You learn which … Continue reading Five Reasons to do the Lifestyle Challenge