Five Reasons to do the Lifestyle Challenge

The first Lifestyle Challenge kicks off next week. Aside from wanting to get closer to those new year's goals and further away from your December holiday body, here are five more reasons you should sign up for the challenge. Develop healthy eating habits The challenge has three nutrition levels with slightly different YES/NO foods. You learn which … Continue reading Five Reasons to do the Lifestyle Challenge

Make Nutrition a Habit

Habit formation—it’s essential to maintaining a healthy diet. Habits are the small decisions and actions you perform daily. What you repeatedly ultimately forms who you are. Therefore, if your nutrition is poor it’s a direct result of bad dietary habits. Likewise, if your nutrition is on point, it’s a direct result of good dietary habits. … Continue reading Make Nutrition a Habit


You exercise often and may even do so under the guidance of a trainer. You’ve researched nutrition quite a bit and have made lots of changes based on that information. You believe that you had an okay understanding of health and fitness. Yet you still aren’t quite in the shape you’d like to be. If … Continue reading Accountability