Recipe: Bacon and Chive Scones

These delicious sugar and white flour-free scones get their flavor explosion from the perfect combination of bacon and chives. Perfect for brunch or an afternoon snack, they prove that you don’t have to give up your favorite foods to eat healthy. Refined flour and sugar are substances that were never meant to be in the … Continue reading Recipe: Bacon and Chive Scones

Recipe: Healthy Cottage Pie

You can still enjoy a delicious cottage pie while trying to cut down on starchy, high-glycemic carbs. All you have to do is swap out the potatoes with a low-glycemic carb like Cauliflower that won't spike your blood sugar! Cauliflower is like the classic nerd-that-turns-popular! We never really gave it much thought, but now it is everywhere! Cauliflower pizza … Continue reading Recipe: Healthy Cottage Pie

Food Quantity Matters

A quick recap on our previous articles: Good nutrition is the foundation for both general health and fitness - nothing new there. Central to good nutrition is controlling blood sugar levels. That dictates our state of metabolism and therefore levels of insulin. Hyperinsulinemia is the root cause of atherogenesis and therefore coronary heart disease. We primarily … Continue reading Food Quantity Matters