Recipe: Quick & Easy Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

You can squeeze almost anything your heart desires into these perfectly sweet healthy potatoes! In this recipe we've added some chopped Broccoli, creamy Feta and some spicy Peppers and Sun-dried tomatoes. Since the sweet potatoes are cooked in the microwave, it’s the perfect last-minute, weeknight meal! Ingredients 2 sweet potatoes (as large as you like) … Continue reading Recipe: Quick & Easy Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Recipe: Healthy Grilled Cheese

Everyone loves a delicious grilled cheese. And if we eliminate the unhealthy processed yellow cheese and replace it with a healthier, lower calorie cheese like feta then it becomes a quick and easy lunch or dinner that tastes amazing and the entire family will love. It’s super creamy and thanks to the health benefits of avocado it's jam … Continue reading Recipe: Healthy Grilled Cheese

Recipe: Coconut crusted chicken strips

What!?! Coconut crusted chicken strips!! OMG!! What a great idea!! And sounds pretty delicious right? Probably the best thing about this recipe is the fact that it’s one of the healthiest chicken strip recipes you’ll ever come across. The chicken is not battered in anything unhealthy and they’re also baked and not fried. This dish … Continue reading Recipe: Coconut crusted chicken strips