Power Protein Flapjacks

Hi, I have made a few variations of these. The basic recipe is 2 eggs, 1 large banana and cinnamon,blended. Mixture should be like batter mix. Spooned into a hot pan with some ghee. Variations i have made: Dried cranberries added to the mix before blending. Peanut / nut butter. Raw oats Vanilla protein Powder … Continue reading Power Protein Flapjacks

Fish Cakes

  Hi everyone These are worth the effort and last a few days in the fridge as left overs and for lunches. 1: Boil Sweet potatoes until soft and mash with Salt and Pepper. 2: Whilst the spuds are boiling, prepare the other ingredients. 3: Chopped spring onions / onion and fry in a Teaspoon … Continue reading Fish Cakes