Vitamin C Shot

Ingredients: Grated Ginger Lemon Juice Orange Juice Cayenne Pepper Turmeric Method: Grate the ginger Squeeze the juice from the lemon and Oranges Add Tumeric and Cayenne I made a batch for the week, i grated the whole piece of ginger, 4 lemons, 8 Oranges and about 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric and Cayenne. Adjust to taste, … Continue reading Vitamin C Shot

Another Stir Fry with a twist

Bored of roasts? try this one. Ingredients: Chicken strips Red Chilli Brocolli Parsely or Basil Coconut milk Nut butter Onion Garlic In a wok or pan fry Garlic,chilli and an onion with some fat. Add the chicken strips and flash fry. I cook this in the wok and add everything at the same time. I … Continue reading Another Stir Fry with a twist