Chili Guacamole and Poached Egg

Ingredients: 2 Ripe Avocados 2 Chilies Lemon Juice Coriander 6-8 Cherry Tomatoes Seed or Heba Bread Egg Method: Place the Avo, Tomato, Chili, Coriander and Lemon Juice in a blender and pulse to make a chunky Guacamole. Spread on toast and serve with a poached egg. Guacamole can also be eaten with steak, or chicken…

Boiled Eggs on the Go

When you get home from work and are ravenous a pre boiled egg in the fridge can fill the gap until supper is ready. I write on the Egg the date and a B ( so that my family know they are boiled) and leave in the fridge.

Flourless Protein Muffins

Bananas are packed with potassium and digestible (good-for-you) carbs and  give your body fuel. Bananas are great for baking, they add moisture, act as a binder, they are packed with flavour and there is no need for additional sugar. These muffins have simple ingredients and are easy to make.   Ingredients: 3 bananas 2 eggs…

Fruit with Eggs!

It might look odd but it is Delicious. I love fruit and I love eggs and often eat both together. Try it 🙂