Freezing Fruit

South Africa produces some of the best fruit globally. Make the most of seasonal fruit! If you make smoothies regularly it is more economical to freeze your own fruit than buying pre packed frozen fruit. Buy seasonal fruit when they are on special and freeze on trays before placing in bags, If you freeze directly … Continue reading Freezing Fruit

Tuna cakes

Hi, I made this for the first time this week. They are simple to make and also cheap to make. Ingredients: 1 can drained tuna 1 egg Herbs 1 Spoon crushed garlic 1 Chilli 2 Spring onions Lemon Juice Ghee to fry I used Coconut flour to bind, but you don't need to as it … Continue reading Tuna cakes

Fish Cakes

  Hi everyone These are worth the effort and last a few days in the fridge as left overs and for lunches. 1: Boil Sweet potatoes until soft and mash with Salt and Pepper. 2: Whilst the spuds are boiling, prepare the other ingredients. 3: Chopped spring onions / onion and fry in a Teaspoon … Continue reading Fish Cakes