Non-Exercise Physical Activity

When referring to energy expenditure through physical activity, we typically think of planned exercise and sports. Going to the gym, a trail run, Sunday morning bike ride, touch rugby and indoor netball are just some of the examples of intentional physical activity. Planned exercise is what we know and have been told to do to … Continue reading Non-Exercise Physical Activity

Are Activity Trackers Beneficial?

Wrist-worn activity trackers from the likes of FitBit, Polar, Garmin and Apple have not only become vastly popular, they have turned into exceptionally capable devices. Tracking steps is no longer sufficient and features such as heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and caloric expenditure are considered standard. What makes these features beneficial, though? Personal Accountability Accountability … Continue reading Are Activity Trackers Beneficial?

What to do on Rest Days

Recovery is important for progress and to avoid injury. Active recovery, where you engage in some form of movement on a rest day, is as important as complete rest days. But what should you do on rest days to encourage progress and recovery? Firstly, always adopt the “do no harm” approach. If you’re thinking about things to do … Continue reading What to do on Rest Days