Meal Prep


Meal Prep Madness!

Typically i set aside a few hours on Sunday to meal prep for the week. This week i had plans on Sunday so cooked on Saturday instead and just made up the packed lunches on Sunday instead.

I prepare 4 lunch boxes for the kids, ( Biltong. Dry Vors, Apple, Grapes, cold meats, Drumsticks, Cheese cubes)

I prepare 6 boxes of Fruit Salad ( one per day for 3 days for 2 people). A shake for my husband made for the next day. 3 days lunches for each of us.

I also have food left over for supper in the week. Prep like this for the week not only helps with time in the week, kids homework, training, after school activities, projects all take up time, but also helps financially as we don’t have to stop at the shop every day which often results in buying things we don’t need ( E.G chocolate 🙂 )


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