Takeaway Curry




  • Mixed veggies ( Courgette, Sweet potato, Pumpkin, Onion, Carrots, spinach)
  • Fresh Herbs
  • Curry spices
  • Chicken breasts cut into 2cm chunks
  • Tin of coconut milk
  • Tin of tomatoes
  • Baby Spinach, Tomato, Onion for the Sambals
  • Rice


  • Place half of the Mixed Veggies into the Slow cooker or Oven dish.
  • Layer chicken and add the rest of the Veg
  • Mix the Curry spices with the coconut milk and pour over.
  • Pour over tomatoes
  • Place herbs and Spinach at the top.
  • Cook on low for a couple of hours, stir half way through.

Method for Sambals:

  • Chop Baby Spinach, Tomato and Onion and layer in a jar or take away box.

These Jars are my new favourite, as they are glass food can be heated just as they are ( take the lid off) they pack neatly in the fridge, or the fridge door and take up minimum space.



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