Cottage Pie

A family favourite that can be made from scratch or using mince leftovers. I use Ostrich mince, ( my family prefer it) but you can use any mince, beef, lamb or ostrich.

For a family meal I cook the mince and top with mash and grated cheese for the kids. For individual lunches for myself, I add veggies for an all in one lunch bowl. You can hide veggies easily into the mince or mash if your family are fussy.






Oil to fry Garlic and Onions


Tinned tomato

Fresh herbs, Thyme and rosemary or Dried mixed herbs.


Sweet potato mashed with pre roasted butternut. You can use any mash topping, sweet potato on its own, or add butternut and carrots. If I am making a one bowl lunch or supper I like to add as many veggies as I can to the bowl.


Fry the chopped onion and garlic until soft. Remove from pan and set aside.

Brown the mince on high.

For my lunch bowls I leave some of the fried onion in the pan and add some mushrooms. When the mushrooms have reduced I layer the mix onto Zoodles.

Add the Onion back into the browned mince

Add tinned tomatoes and herbs,

Salt and Pepper to taste.

Leave on low to allow the flavours to infuse into the mince.



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