Meal Prep – Omelette takeaway

Fail to Prepare – Prepare to fail. It is kinda lame and cheesy but so true. This weeks blog posts will be simple recipes/ ideas which will hopefully inspire you to do your own preparation and pre planning of meals.

My husband, other than being a husband, dad and working full time for a corp, trains for fun( ?) / sanity for Ironman events. This means lots of super early mornings and some nights away.

Overnight oats are a good breakfast choice for when he goes away, as they can be put into a jar with dried cranberries and cinnamon and then he just needs to add water the night before his race. If you are going on a long road trip leaving early in the morning, you can also prep these for the car journey.

Omelettes are also great. For this one fry roasted butternut and bacon, the bacon has enough fat so you don’t need to add any when cooking.  Make the omelette by mixing eggs, salt and pepper and pour into a small frying pan. If you want to leave the bacon out, fry the butternut in a small amount of ghee.  Turn the omelette onto a side plate, Add the topping to the omelette – you could add grated cheese for additional fat, or a veggie option.  and fold over, cover with another side plate and add a weight. The owl in the picture is filled with roasted nuts and is just handy on my counter, you can use what ever you have in the kitchen. Wrap in cling wrap.


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