Another Stir Fry with a twist


Bored of roasts? try this one.


Chicken strips

Red Chilli


Parsely or Basil

Coconut milk

Nut butter



In a wok or pan fry Garlic,chilli and an onion with some fat. Add the chicken strips and flash fry. I cook this in the wok and add everything at the same time. I am a bit of  a lazy cook and always chose the easiest option.

As the chicken starts to cook add the broccoli florets ( the size of the florets depends on how crunchy you like your veg, we prefer crunchy so leave the broccoli in big chunks, i also cut up the stems and add those so there is no waste) Add a tin of coconut milk and a big spoon of mac nut butter and stir well. Add the fresh herbs right at the end, the herbs don’t need to cook and should just wilt over the chicken.

You can also add a handful of cashews right at the end.

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