How To: Cook Healthier

The way you cook food is almost as important for nutrition as selecting the right types of foods. It affects the amount of nutrients (minerals and vitamins) in the food, alters fluid content and therefore the texture (crunchy, juicy, dry, etc.) of food. Most importantly, it affects the flavour of the food!

Here are some tips that will keep your food both nutritious and tasty.

Use Better Oils

  • Avoid man made and vegetable oils. This includes margarine.
  • Use butter, ghee, and nut and seed oils for cooking at high temperatures. You only need to use a small amount of these oils; they’re stacked with good fats and taste great.
  • Only use olive oil at low temperatures or as a cold dressing over your food.

Use a Slow Cooker

Choose your meat, vegetable and root combination; season with herbs and spices; drop into the slow cooker; leave for six to eight hours. And then enjoy fall-off-the-bone meat, tasty vegetables, and even have a broth left over for cooking at a later stage.

Steam Vegetables ONLY

Don’t steam your protein, please! But steamed vegetables retain their nutrients and texture, and if you flavour the water you’re using for the steam the flavour you get is divine!

Those are just three tips, but they’ll have a big impact on the quality and flavour of your meals. Search online for recipes and experiment to find what you enjoy the most. Eating tasty and healthy food is a practise, and perfect practise makes perfect!

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