Open Sandwich



This isn’t so much a recipe as an idea, we all get caught up and busy and sometimes a sandwich is the easiest go to. You can make this as a closed sandwich for takeaway.

Heba bread – i buy the mix from Banting Boulevard. Any topping of your choice.


Heba Bread mix ( i make the cup recipe in the microwave and slice)



Paleo Mayo or coconut milk

Salt and Pepper

Lemon Juice




I often make a Tuna ‘mayo’ mix and replace the conventional mayo with a spoon of coconut milk or cream.

For this sandwich i finely diced onion and cucumber and mixed with lemon juice, S & P, and the prawns. I buttered the bread, layered mixed leaves, and topped with the prawn mix. Toppings are endless and substituting conventional mayonnaise with a spoon of coconut cream is a great alternative.

Let me know your favourites!



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