Fish Cakes


Hi everyone

These are worth the effort and last a few days in the fridge as left overs and for lunches.

1: Boil Sweet potatoes until soft and mash with Salt and Pepper.

2: Whilst the spuds are boiling, prepare the other ingredients.

3: Chopped spring onions / onion and fry in a Teaspoon of ghee with a spoon of garlic and Fresh Chilli or chilli flakes.

4: Blend the above mixture ( point 3) with Lemon Juice and Fresh Parsley.

5: Mix the blended onion, chilli, garlic into the mashed potato and Add a tin of drained tuna.

6: Shape the mixture into patties and dip lightly in egg mixture ( 1 egg beaten) and then into Almond Flour. It can get sticky so i like to make sure everything is laid out and in order ( and i’m a touch OCD 🙂 )

7: Fry on a medium to High heat in some ghee, turning once when the base has started to set, if you turn to early they will crumble.

They are absolutely delicious. Serve with a salad, or veggies. I like them just on mixed leaves and watercress, Or broken up into a salad.

Let me know if you make them!


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