Good Ole’ Fish ‘n Chips

True to my English Heritage this is one of my absolute Favourites. You could make mushy peas to make it really traditional by pulsing the peas with a blender.

To start put the oven on 180′, whilst the oven is getting to temperature prepare the ingredients.

Sweet potato chips, chipped white sweet potatoes in an oven dish for about 40 minutes. I cook them longer because i like the burnt bits. You can add some sliced onion or carrots or butternut. What ever you like to eat. I find the orange sweet potato goes too soft when baked like this. Drizzle an oil of your choice over the veg and leave in the oven, ghee, coconut oil, my favourite is Chilli avo oil and salt. You don’t need to fuss over them, turn once near the end.


1:Hake cut into squares. Any size can be used, i cut it up small so that it cooks quickly and is a good size for lunch the next day.

2: Dip the hake into Egg mix (2 eggs mixed with a fork)

3: Dip into Almond or coconut flour, i mix some sesame seeds into this mix, salt and pepper.

4: Fry in ghee or in the oven. Fried in ghee is my first choice, but if i don’t have time to stand and fry i use the oven, 15 minutes or until cooked. Turning half way.

Paleo Mayo recipe for another day. 🙂

Let me know how it goes.


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