Chocolate Treats

Hey Guys

I love chocolate so much that I refused to give it up, and you don’t have to, even on challenge.

Chocolate Sauce  mix

Melt butter on a low heat.

Add a tin of coconut milk and mix with the butter.

Add  cacoa powder and 2 fresh dates. Leave on low until dates are very soft, mash dates into the mix ( sieve for a smooth sauce)

If you are on a level that allows stevia or honey you can use that instead of dates. When I made this I was on L3 and neither were allowed but this does need some sweetness, hence the dates.

I use this sauce as a dip for Fresh fruit, great for a social, fondue type vibe. Or dip strawberries and Refrigerate. Chunks of bananas dipped into the mix and placed on a cocktail stick work well for the kids. I have also poured it over banana ice cream, put it into shakes, almost like a chocolate milk shake 🙂

You can also dissolve 1 sachet of gelatin to the mixture before pouring over a layer of mixed nuts. Freeze or refrigerate for your own chocolate / nut squares. I have used this sauce as a ganache on a paleo chocolate cake. The sauce is so nice that I don’t make the cake anymore and substitute with fruit.

Variations I have added to the mix:

shot of espresso


Fresh finely chopped mint

Finely grated orange rind

This isn’t a recipe i have copied verbatim so quantities can change to suit your taste.

I would suggest the following:

¼ block of butter.

1 tin coconut milk

1 table spoon of Cacoa Powder

2 fresh dates.

Let me know how it goes.

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