Chia Seed Breakfast – On the Go

Hey Guys, Here goes, first of many i hope!chia

Chia Seed breakfast on the go.

This recipe isn’t exclusive to breakfast. I was inspired by a popular coffee shop that sell a yoghurt and fruit cup takeaway. My recipe makes a delicious dessert and can be made ahead of time which is great for when you are entertaining.

Blend a tin of coconut milk, one ripe banana, with 2 spoons Chia seeds and refrigerate overnight. ( add honey to sweeten). Chia seeds are optional. The coconut milk and banana are delicious on their own. You can leave it in a tuperware at home in the fridge, or make the base mix ( Coco milk and banana) and decant into smaller jars for a takeaway adding ingredients you like. For a dessert i layer as the picture shows but in glasses.


Layer with fresh seasonal fruit.

Layer with frozen berries for a take away / on the go breakfast.

Stewed strawberries ( slice strawberries and fry in ghee or water on a very low heat until soft). Blend the strawberries and cool before layering, if you are impatient like me, blend the cooked strawberries with some frozen strawberries.

Mixed seeds or nuts

Check my Insta page rcclarksa or search for the Hashtag #ragskitchen for meals i have made. I will add #kitchnbox in future for ease of reference.

Any questions or feedback is welcome and encouraged!

Hope you enjoy this one as much as i do.



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