Nutrition is the Foundation

Nutrition is loosely defined as the supply of food to your body for survival. Food provides information to the body, signals basic biological functions and provides the basic nutrients for normal physiological processes. What you consume on a daily basis is therefore the most important influencer of your health, fitness and general well-being. Nutrition is the foundation.

The problem with nutrition, however, is all the conflicting information. All the discussions, opinions and research get confusing. But when you dig into all of that information you’ll notice that there are a few facts that can’t be disputed – these facts are a common ground among all the different schools of thought. These facts form the basis of good nutrition.

  • Eat little to no sugar
  • Avoid refined and processed carbohydrates (and other man made products)
  • Consume lots of and a good variety of vegetables, roots, tubers and some fruit
  • Natural, unprocessed fats are essential for health
  • Have good quality protein daily
  • Eat enough food to support your levels activity but not body fat
  • Having a knowledgeable nutrition coach is a well-placed investment

When you look at this from a practical perspective, you get all the good food you need just from the perimeter of the supermarket and by avoiding the isles. Good nutrition, and therefore good health, should be that simple. You just have to make it a priority. You wouldn’t use diesel to fuel your petrol car, would you?

The road to better health and fitness starts by acknowledging that nutrition is the foundation. You then move on by learning which foods you should be eating, which you should be avoiding and why that is so. That’s what we’ll be covering in the next article in this series.

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